Founder, Christina Amrani

Growing up in Paris, Christina Amrani always indulged in her femininity. She believed that every part of garnishing oneself should be pleasurable and celebrated. She always found that waxing should not be a punishment but rather a reward. After noticing the evident lack of high-end waxing salons in the States, the idea of Cocktail Wax suddenly came to her. She decided the painful and not always enjoyable process of waxing should be adorned in every way possible. It should be unwinding and pleasing - like a cocktail party with the girls. After researching the market, she found that many men and women abhorred waxing and she grew eager to give them a better alternative. That's when Cocktail Wax was born, a spunky bewitching substitute to the previous horrors of wax. Cocktail Wax has been going strong since 2007.